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Online loans are very popular not only because of the short waiting time for money but also because of the uncomplicated proceduresWhat do you need to get extra cash in a short time? If you decide to take a loan, all you need is a computer or telephone with access to the network and a few free minutes.

To use an online loan,  you must meet several criteria. Just that you are a citizen with a permanent place of residence on its territory, you are between 21 and 70 years old, you are not on any register of debtors and you have the ability to repay the loan. The last criterion is related to the examination of your creditworthiness. If you get a positive assessment and meet the above conditions, the loan should be granted to you. Other formal requirements include, of course, having a bank account and an active Customer Profile on the Lite lender website.

Online loans – 3 easy steps

Online loans - 3 easy steps

After making sure that you meet all of the above requirements, you can proceed to submit a loan application online. It takes literally a moment and involves performing a few simple steps on a website or via a mobile application.

The submission of the application is very intuitive. After entering the page, on the slider mark the amount you are interested in and the preferred amount of installments. In response, the screen will display information about the repayment period, the total cost of the loan, the total amount to be paid and the date of the first payment. After reading these terms, you click “I want a loan” and then you will be directed to the registration form.

After completing the data, submitting the required statements, paying a symbolic, returnable registration fee of USD 0.01, all you need to do is fill in information about your source of income and the number of monthly obligations. Now just wait for the result of the creditworthiness assessment, and if you receive a positive decision – for the transfer of the loan amount.

The registration fee is for security purposes. You make a transfer from a bank account you own, which is an additional confirmation of your personal data and makes it difficult for third parties to take a loan in your name. Although the amount is only symbolic 1 dollar, the fee is immediately refunded.

Lite lender also has the ability to verify your data via the system, so you don’t have to transfer a symbolic penny, and the decision-making process is even faster.

Online loans are money even in 15 minutes

Online loans are money even in 15 minutes

Money on your account can be found in up to 15 minutes. Importantly, this time is counted from the moment the lender issues a positive creditworthiness assessment, not from the moment the application is submitted. However, this procedure usually does not last long. If you have an account with one of the banks cooperating with Lite lender, you can expect funds even in a few minutes from the decision to grant a loan. In other cases, the money will be credited to your account according to the times of outgoing and incoming bank sessions.

Internet loans – amounts, dates and useful information

You can apply for a loan in the amount of USD 1,000 to USD 10,000, with no income certificate needed for an amount of up to USD 5,000. As for the repayment period, you can choose from 3 to even 24 months. It all depends on your individual needs.

Even with a realistic assessment of your own capabilities and determining the number of installments, there may be a month in which it will be difficult for you to make money. Fortunately, online loan institutions offer the option of postponing the repayment date by one month. In the case of commitments incurred for 24 months, the loan holiday offer can be used up to four times. As soon as this option becomes available to you, you will be notified by email and you can manage the service using the mobile application. There you will also find information about the amount to be transferred for postponing the repayment date by one month.

Taking a loan online does not involve lengthy formalities. You can literally submit your application in minutes, without leaving your home.

Payday Loans: 10 Things to Know Mon, 20 Jan 2020 07:17:32 +0000 Best bank has published a handbook of interesting things to know when it comes to payday loans. Let’s go through the various points and give our opinion to better understand what to do and what to evaluate when applying for a payday loan, to be ready and be able to get the loan.

Here are the 10 things to know about payday loans according to Best bank

Here are the 10 things to know about personal loans according to Best bank

The first question to ask is “what is a payday loan “. Basically, it is a loan that is requested by those who need money to purchase any object / service. The sum of money is returned by paying monthly installments (usually fixed) which also include a certain interest rate, which is also fixed.

What are the basic requirements for having a payday loan?

What are the basic requirements for having a personal loan?

The first basic requirement is to have a job, subordinate ( employee loans ) or self-employed ( loans for self-employed ). Depending on the type of financing you want to obtain, you can also apply for a fixed-term loan. In addition, you usually need to be aged between 18 and 70.

Loan declined, when does it happen?

Loan declined, when does it happen?

Loan rejection usually occurs when the bank or finance company believes that the applicant is unable to repay the loan easily. Another reason for refusal could be to be bad payers or protests.

What to do before applying for a payday loan?

The best thing is certainly to access different offers of loans and loans, so you can choose the most suitable quote for your needs. In this case, an online loan application may be ideal.

What are the details of a payday loan contract?

Mandatory, a payday loan agreement must contain at least the following details:

  • sum paid and method of delivery
  • interest rate, TAN and APR
  • loan costs and fees
  • other costs that must be paid, such as the preliminary costs, the cost of sending the periodic report, any insurance costs, costs related to late payments, etc.
  • amount of each installment and maturity of each of them
  • any guarantees required
  • if loan insurance is also required

What is the APR?

APR stands for Global Effective Annual Rate and consists of the cost that a user will actually have to bear in repaying a loan. In addition to the interest cost, it also includes that relating to other expenses, such as preliminary costs.

What happens if you don’t pay installments or pay late?

In this case, you may incur default interest and reporting as a bad payer. If you are unable to repay installments, the best thing to do is to contact the bank or finance company to find a solution together.

Withdrawal of a payday loan, can it be done?

Absolutely yes, the statutory deadline is 14 days from the signing of the contract.

Early repayment of a payday loan, can it be done?

Early repayment of a personal loan, can it be done?

Also in this case the answer is positive, but it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that banks and credit institutions often apply penalties that must be paid and that are calculated as a percentage of the residual sum. Here, therefore, that, after a certain period from the beginning of the contract, it would no longer be appropriate to extinguish it in advance because the cost of the penalty would be greater than that of the interest to be reimbursed.

Become aware of student loan opportunities Thu, 16 Jan 2020 09:45:26 +0000 When you start studying, it is well known that it can create several different new situations for you. In many cases, this may mean moving to a larger city where you can take your education. If you haven’t moved away from home yet, it will cause a big change, as you now have to live for yourself and manage on your own. This can be a bit overwhelming, as you now have to take some more responsibility.

It is well known that students can have a tight economy where it cannot always be entirely connected. This is where a student loan comes into play. A student loan can be a solution for you who lack a little extra capital to make your everyday life financially connected. Here we help you with a guide to everything you need to know before you take out a student loan.

If you want to know even more about student loans, read this guide to student loans at Good Finance.

What is a student loan and when do I need it?

What is a student loan and when do I need it?

A student loan is a loan you take in connection with your need to study. In order to delve deeper into what a student loan is, it is appropriate to first introduce how the finances of a student are typically related. When you need to start studying, it can be difficult to get the finances connected. A study can be extremely demanding, and in most cases it will be considered a full-time job. It is therefore something that you can quickly spend a lot of time on.

When you spend most of your time studying, you do not have much time to work. This means that your earnings will, as a starting point, be non-existent if you do not have the opportunity to make money. However, as a student in Denmark, you have several good opportunities that you can take advantage of.

What is a student loan and when do I need it?

A really good addition to your income is SU. SU stands for State Education Support. When you study in Denmark, the state gives you ‘salary’ to study. This is part of our welfare system that helps students get started with their education. There are certain requirements to be able to get SU. There are some overall requirements that you have to live up to. In addition, there may also be additional conditions depending on the education you are going to start.

The general conditions mean, first and foremost, that you must be a Danish citizen and a minimum of 18 years. However, in some cases it is also possible to obtain SU as a foreign national if you fulfill certain requirements. When you receive SU, you are not allowed to receive other forms of public support. For example, it may be cash assistance or the like. The training you must take must also meet certain conditions before you are eligible for SU. When you go to an education, you are required to be active in study. If you make money next to your SU, there are certain requirements that you may not earn too much. Therefore, there are several conditions that you must meet in order to obtain SU.

The rate of SU may vary based on several different factors. It can be in relation to whether you are a resident or a resident, what education you take, whether you have children and many more things. A very common scenario is an out-of-state student studying for a higher education. In this case, they will be able to receive USD 6,090 per person. month in SU. However, this amount is before tax. Therefore, you have to pay tax on the amount, which gives you less income.

If you are a student and only have an SU as income, it can be difficult to make it all come together financially. Housing costs can quickly eat up a large part of the SU, which doesn’t give you much back to pay fixed costs with and to live the rest of the month. This is where a student loan comes into play.

With a student loan, you can borrow money to live for while you are in education. It allows you to concentrate on your studies without having to live in a cardboard box or live off of water porridge all your study time. With a student loan, you get a supplement to your earnings, which will typically be your SU.

What is an SU loan and how do I get it?

One of the most common student loans in Denmark is an SU loan. The SU loan is in many ways linked to SU, as it is a loan option offered by the state. You therefore have the opportunity to borrow money from the state when you need to study if you are missing a grant for your SU. There are several special things about SU loans that differentiate it from a traditional loan that you know from the bank.

One of the most important conditions of being able to get an SU loan is that you receive the SU. If you don’t get SU, you can’t get SU loans either. It also means that you cannot get SU loans if you opt out of your SU for a few months or if you choose to take leave from your study.

When you need an SU loan, apply through minSU. This is also where you are looking for regular SU. For SU loans, be aware that you must apply for two rounds. In the first instance, you should apply to be allowed to get an SU loan. Once approved, you can apply for how much you want to get in SU loans. It typically takes 1-2 weeks to get its SU loan approval approved. Once you get the approval, fill out a loan plan. It is in this loan plan that you have to fill in how much you want to borrow, which you must then also approve. This is the second round of application for an SU loan.

The smart thing about an SU loan is that you make a loan plan for one year at a time. It is therefore something that you have to complete every year. With this loan plan, you know how much you can get out of your SU loan over a year. However, you can control how much you want to spend each month. You could say that a total amount will be made available, which you can distribute yourself over the months. It gives you a lot of freedom to coordinate the repayment of your SU loan. You may have some months where a higher income is needed than others. This may be, for example, at the end of the semester, where books must be purchased for the new semester. With an SU loan, you have much more freedom to put together your finances as you need it.

Another benefit of an SU loan is that you only have to repay the amount and interest of that amount that you actually borrow. When you have a pool of money from your SU loan that you can distribute over the year, there is no requirement for you to use the entire pool from the SU loan. Simply use what you need and pay back only what you have spent. It gives you a great opportunity to tailor the SU loan to your finances.

Are there different types of SU loans?

Are there different <a href=

When you need an SU loan, there are several different types to choose from. Exactly, there are three different types to choose from. There may be certain conditions for you to be approved for the different types. The three different types are the traditional SU loan, supplementary SU loan for dependents and final loan.

The traditional SU loan

The traditional SU loan is the loan that most students use when they need an SU loan. So far, this is what is primarily explained in this post. When you choose a traditional SU loan, you can receive an average of USD 3,116 per month. month (, 2018) in addition to what you get in SU.

Supplemental SU Loans for Providers

A supplementary SU loan for dependents is slightly different from the traditional SU loan. You can only get a supplemental SU loan if you have already been approved to get the traditional SU loan. The supplementary SU loan is a way to borrow more money while you are a student. When you get a supplementary SU loan for dependents, you get both a traditional SU loan and a supplemental SU loan. Therefore, there are two different rates added to an SU loan.

First of all, you will get the rate of USD 3,116 for the traditional SU loan. In addition, you get a rate above, which sounds at USD 1,559 on average per person. month. That gives you a total of USD 4,675 on average per day. month. However, it is also possible to use only a supplementary SU loan for dependents, and thus only settle the rate of USD 1,559, if that is what you need.

However, there are certain conditions for you to be eligible for a supplementary SU loan for a parent. It is slightly in the designation. You must, of course, be a provider in order to be approved. That is, you must have one or more children who are under 18 years of age. In addition, they must have address at you.

New loan rules: Do they go beyond you? Tue, 14 Jan 2020 06:46:09 +0000 As house prices continue to rise, more people have begun to fear a housing bubble. Especially in the big cities. And that is why the government has matured new loan rules.

House prices continue to rise at rocket speed, and this is causing the warning lights to flash in many. Therefore, there is also broad consensus that action must be taken to avoid a new housing bubble.

Business Minister Brian Mikkelsen recently introduced a number of new rules for home loans in the country’s largest growth areas, Copenhagen and Aarhus. Precisely to avoid overly secure loans and thus unnecessary leverage of the housing market.

However, the new rules attracted massive criticism, which is why the rules have been sharpened slightly at the edges, while now they must be introduced gradually. How exactly this will work remains to be seen.

It’s the rules


The new home loan rules were intended to prevent a new housing bubble. Therefore, they also assume that mortgage lenders and banks must restrict the creation of mortgage loans that are flexible and repayable.

In practice, this means that the vast majority of homeowners will not be allowed to promise (or get new mortgage-free loans) if the home loan is more than four times the household’s annual income.

While it can in many ways prevent the housing market from being artificially maintained, it also means that it goes the hardest on first-time buyers, singles and the elderly.

And precisely for that reason, the new austerity measures have met with massive criticism. Both from other parties, the population and the Elder Case.

This is what the rules look like now

This is what the rules look like now

Where the first draft of the loan rules focused mainly on growth areas such as Aarhus and the capital, the customized rules are aimed at areas with the most expensive square meter prices.

That is, the rules include the most expensive owner-occupied homes, houses and apartments, or increased in value no matter where in the country they are located.

However, Brian Mikkelsen still holds on to a tighter credit rating of homeowners who have large debts and dangerous flex loans without interest and repayments.

The essential to prevent a housing bubble

The essential to prevent a housing bubble

That something must be done in the current housing market to avoid a new housing bubble, many agree. It is just the way it is being attacked that has led to criticism by Business Minister Brian Mikkelsen (K).

It is unfortunate that it is the young people, the single and the elderly who are primarily affected by the new rules, that does not just prevent a housing bubble, but simply change who contributes to creating it.

“It is important to prevent a new housing bubble, but we must not react to the overuse or use the wrong funds,” says Curt Liljegren, director of the Housing Economics Knowledge Center for TV 2.

Instead, he points to one key point that needs to be addressed in order to prevent the development of a new housing bubble.

“Every speculative purchase must be taken seriously. Especially project apartments, which you do not even want to move into, but just rent out, ”he explains.

– We have a strong housing market in Copenhagen, but in the future, with the new loan options, we will probably find that house prices are rising almost as fast as before.

She therefore has one prayer for Minister of Business Brian Mikkelsen’s upcoming legislative work:

– See to get things worked out and get a transparent agreement that we know when will be implemented.

Loans without payroll online or without loan grants 2016. Wed, 08 Jan 2020 06:52:12 +0000 The economic crisis, accompanied by high unemployment and reduced wages, has put families in difficulty and more and more frequently they are struggling to meet primary needs, in fact, a little unexpected is enough to make it impossible to do it alone. In this case one of the optimal solutions can be loans without payroll, but there are limits.

What are loans without payroll

What are Loans Without Payroll

If you want to get a loan, in the bank they ask you, even for small amounts, to demonstrate a perceived income and therefore the paycheck, but there are many cases in which you do not have a paycheck available, this does not mean that you and the inability to pay small monthly installments to pay off your debt. For those in this situation, loans without paychecks were born which obviously have peculiarities because the bank must still take precautions.

Who Can Apply For loans without payroll

Who Can Apply For Loans Without Payroll

Loans without online paychecks can be requested to meet different needs, often they are required to pay back taxes or to face unexpected expenses, there is no shortage of cases in which housewives or students who perhaps are busy in evening chores request them or repetitions, but cannot demonstrate the income received.

For this type of credit, usually high sums are not paid, on average the sums are below 5000 USD, some institutions reach a maximum of 1500 USD, while rarely up to 10,000 USD. At the same time, the bank or the credit institution are still looking for guarantees and among these main figures are the guarantor, or the presence of a property or other assets that can be offered as collateral.

Guarantees loans without payroll

Guarantees Loans Without Payroll

The guarantor is a very important figure because he is usually asked for a paycheck, it is a person who undertakes to pay in the event that the main debtor should be insolvent. The guarantor can be a parent, a child, any relative or friend.
As for the other guarantees that can be provided, the case history is quite varied.

For example, if you own a property, even of little value, but rented out, you can use the annuity of that property to obtain a loan without a paycheck.

Another guarantee that can be offered is represented by debt securities that generate a financial annuity. This option is opted for when it can be inconvenient to settle debt securities and therefore to face temporary difficulties it is possible to offer them as collateral.

Amounts and Types of loans without payroll

Amounts and Types of Loans Without Payroll

Obviously the amounts that are granted by banks and credit institutions in general are commensurate with the value of the guarantees offered, the same applies to the amortization plan.
The personal loan without paycheck is often requested also by self-employed workers who, however, cannot demonstrate an adequate income or occasional, precarious, atypical workers with reduced resources.

The formulas that lenders have designed for this type of applicant are manifold.

Revolving cards

Firstly, there are revolving cards designed especially for housewives and students. These are rechargeable cards with small sums to be used for your needs. The amounts obtained with revolving cards fluctuate between 1500/2000 USD which will then be returned in monthly installments with convenient bulletins or directly from the current account.

The installments are increased by other charges such as interest rate, preliminary costs, stamp duty. With revolving cards, therefore, it is good to be careful of the final cost of the loan, which can be high.

Among the advantages of this credit instrument there is the possibility of obtaining further loans, in fact it is a rechargeable that allows you to pay for your purchases, bills or make withdrawals at the ATM. Consequently, the credit received may not be used in a single solution, but in small amounts spread over time.

Loans changed

Another formula that can be adopted for loans without paychecks is the loan with a promissory note. It must be emphasized that not all lenders offer this tool, moreover in most cases a paycheck is required, but there may be brokers who offer this possibility even to those who do not have a paycheck, obviously for not high amounts. The loan will then be repaid with the payment of the signed bills.

They have the value of an enforceable title and therefore the creditor is particularly protected because if the debtor does not pay within the deadlines, there is a first reminder, but later on it is possible to proceed to the forced execution on movable and immovable property. To obtain refreshment, it is sufficient to present the credit claim to the authorities, therefore an assessment judgment is not required.

Interest Rates loans without payroll

Interest Rates Loans Without Payroll

Whatever the formula adopted for a loan without paycheck, the interest rates are usually very high, even if they cannot reach usury by law. The high interest rate is commensurate with the risk of insolvency that the creditor faces when granting a loan with limited guarantees.

Loans for Young People Without Payroll, Students and Unemployed

Loans for Young People Without Payroll, Students and Unemployed

Also worth mentioning are the student loans, these can be variously modulated, also according to the various laws enacted over the years. In particular, in addition to a subsidized rate, they may also provide for repayment only after graduation or a portion of a non-repayable loan.

They are paid, following an agreement with universities, in favor of particularly deserving students who, however, do not have the means to bear the university expenses themselves. No paycheck or guarantee is needed. Essential conditions for obtaining the honor loan are not to be an off-student and to have a rather high grade point average.

These are the credit possibilities for those who do not have a paycheck, but need to have small amounts on loan.

Credit for furniture – How much does it cost to avail new furniture? Tue, 10 Dec 2019 22:30:01 +0000 You should feel most comfortable in your own home. Furniture and other furnishings are also crucial for this. If you no longer like the old furniture or if you need new furniture due to a move, you are facing a major financial challenge. Fortunately, furniture is easy to finance these days. We’ll tell you what options there are and what you should pay attention to.

How much is new furniture?

How much is new furniture?

This question cannot be answered universally. After all, it all depends on whether you need a completely new facility or just want to replace an old cabinet. The choice of furniture is also decisive for the costs involved. For example, there are sofas in the furniture discounter for around 250 USD, while designer pieces of high quality can cost several thousand USD. Furniture for the kitchen is also usually relatively expensive. Only you can determine the total amount required for your new furniture. Compare the offers of different furniture stores and find the pieces of furniture that will give you lasting pleasure in your own four walls.

What financing options are there?

What financing options are there?

If you are looking for new furniture, you also have to ask yourself how it should be paid for. If your own budget is not sufficient for an immediate purchase, there are two more options:

  • A purchase in installments directly from the furniture store.
  • Borrowing to finance new furniture.

Both variants have their own advantages and disadvantages, which we will look at below.

Installment purchase in the furniture store

You can find them in almost every furniture store: Offers for payment in installments for the desired furniture. As a buyer, you do not pay the furniture directly from the seller, but actually only take out a loan. The furniture store acts as an intermediary between you and the loan provider. This is also the case with the often offered zero percent financing. In addition, when choosing a financing partner, you are bound to the retailer’s cooperation partner and its offers.

Every loan has costs, including zero percent financing. You actually do not pay any interest on the financing, but the costs are usually already included in the price. So you hardly have any opportunities to negotiate any discounts.

Benefits: Disadvantage:
Funding can be requested directly from the furniture store. The seller takes care of all the necessary formalities. Discounts can rarely be negotiated with financing.
Zero percent financing can often be used. Even with zero percent financing, the associated costs are already factored into the prices.
  Additional processing fees are not infrequent for financing.
  With zero percent financing, the statutory 14-day right of withdrawal for consumer loans does not apply.

Borrowing for the new furniture

Once you have found your new furniture, you can also finance it with a loan. Although you have to apply for the loan yourself in advance of the purchase, this also makes you much more flexible in the choice of the loan provider. With the loan comparison from Capital Lender you will find the best offer for financing your new furniture. With the money raised, you can pay for the goods in cash directly in the furniture store and thus have a better chance of any discounts. At this point: negotiation is worthwhile!

Benefits: Disadvantage:
Flexibility in the selection of furniture dealers, since you can also buy in furniture stores that do not offer financing themselves. The application for the loan and the submission of all documents must be done in advance.
Thanks to a comparison of different providers, you will find the best offer. The payment of the loan amount can take a few days.
You may be able to get better discounts by buying cash in the furniture store.  

You should take this into account when financing new furniture

You should take this into account when financing new furniture

Taking out a loan for new furniture is a great way to set up a new home despite a small budget. In order to enjoy the furniture and the associated financing for a long time, you should consider three important things in advance:

  1. The monthly rate must fit into your budget.
    Taking out an installment loan is very easy these days. However, you also have to be able to afford the current monthly installment in order to repay the money borrowed from the bank. In order to avoid financial difficulties, you should calculate in advance how much money is left of your income after deducting all running costs. The entire amount available for the repayment of the loan should never be spent. A certain financial buffer for unforeseen expenses should therefore always be taken into account.
  2. The amount of the loan must meet your requirements.
    When you have found your new dream furniture, research where it is available at the cheapest price. The same applies to a new kitchen. You can also buy these with cheap online kitchen finance, after which you know how much money you need to buy. Any savings can be counted against it and you know how much the loan amount has to be. Only take up as much money as you really need. The temptation to take up a higher amount is certainly great, but it can also quickly lead to a debt trap.
  3. The term should be reasonable.
    With a long term, you can reduce the monthly charge with the same loan amount. However, you should keep in mind that the term of a loan should only be as long as you use the object you have acquired with it. So if you are planning to purchase furniture that you know you will use for a maximum of four to five years, the term of the loan should also be a maximum of this period. Otherwise, at some point you will pay a monthly installment for furniture that is no longer in use. With the option of a special repayment, you can also shorten the loan term.

Conclusion on the furniture loan

Attractive and comfortable furniture is one of the basic requirements for well-being in your own four walls. Buying new furniture is often an expensive affair. With a loan you will find the perfect opportunity to fulfill your personal living dreams anyway. If you follow our instructions from this article, you will not only enjoy the furniture for a long time, but also its financing.

Tips When You Need To Borrow Money Quickly Thu, 05 Dec 2019 06:49:00 +0000 Sometimes situations arise where we are in need of extra money, and fast. Of course, the best thing is if we all had money saved and a hefty buffer in case such a situation occurs, but that’s easier said than done. We can’t always predict what life will send our way and sometimes we all need a helping hand.

The advantage today is that there are many options for borrowing money quickly. There are instant loans and small loans that take minutes to spend and where you can have the money on your account the same day. However, if you are in need of more money in your account on the same day, there are some things to keep in mind. We will share the ones we know below. So if you are looking to borrow money quickly, then we recommend you read on.

If you need money already on the same day


The most important thing is that you turn to a lender who has a customer service with hours that suit and that they use the same bank you want to spend the money on. This is important because it does not matter if the lender can pay off your loan at a time if it will take days to transfer money between different banks. As many of us know, if we have transferred money to family and friends, then this happens immediately when you transfer money within the same bank.

However, it usually takes a business day or more if it is transferred to another bank, especially if it happens after a certain time of day. Remember, if you need money the same day, to ensure that the lender uses the bank account you want the money in is associated with. Many lenders, especially those who specialize in fast loans, allow for more variety of the most common banks just because of this, but it is always better to check this once too much than too little.

Many lenders list their payout times on their website

Many lenders list their payout times on their website

When you want to borrow money quickly, it is important that you find out about this. For lenders offering the option of getting the loan paid off immediately after approval so you should make sure their customer service is open so that there is no one there to make the payment.

It may also be a good idea not to use the services of a lender who terminates their customer service immediately after your application. Give yourself a small gap if possible, in case something should be delayed, if you have any questions or if something should go wrong.

These are the tips


That we think will help ease your ability to borrow money quickly. Situations where the money is already needed for the same day can be demanding and stressful, but it is often worth checking these points so that they also get money into your account as soon as possible. In addition, never forget to make yourself aware of what kind of loan you are signing up for and what it means.

Are you looking for financing? P2P Loans Do you know what they are? Tue, 03 Dec 2019 06:38:04 +0000 When you are looking for personal loans to finance your different projects, the most common thing is to go to your bank where you have your payroll and your checking accounts to request the financing you need. However, in recent years other forms of financing have appeared in the hands of private equity entities that are presented as attractive alternatives to get the credit you need.

Thanks to the evolution of fintech (the technology applied to the financial sector) and the collaborative economy, the P2P loan platforms, or loans among people, are born, where several investors decide to finance the projects of an individual or a company. This new form of financing has gained strength in recent years.According to a study by the University of Cambridge, in Spain this type of financing has been growing since 2012 by 152%.


How P2P platforms work

peer to peer loan

These online platforms connect people seeking financing with investors willing to give it in exchange for a return (interest on the loan). Crowdlending platforms perform credit analyzes to borrowers to determine their solvency level and, according to these analyzes, assign them to a level of risk.This level of risk will determine the interest: the higher the interest, the more interest will be paid since investors will want to obtain more profitability by assuming a higher risk.

Once the project to be funded is approved and assigned a level of risk, it is published in a “marketplace” where different investors can finance a part of the project (from $ 20 to $ 3,000) according to the level of risk, profitability, the project that the borrower wants to finance and several other factors. When the project has been fully funded, the P2P loan platform transfers the funds to the borrower who will be returning the loan in monthly installments.


New form of financing

money loan

There are many insecurities that arise among potential borrowers. Therefore, if you are thinking of obtaining financing through these platforms, you must take into account these factors:

  • That they are in the process of approval by the OneSpecial Bank and the CNMV. They are not yet approved since the new Crowdlending Law in Spain was approved in April last year.
  • Its transparency, that is to say, that all commissions and interests that will apply to the requested credit appear, in addition to all the contracting conditions.
  • The amount of loans they have granted. This will give us an idea of ​​how many people have already relied on this type of financing and the economic strength it has.

Taking these factors into account, you will be able to go to crowdlending platforms knowing that you are facing a legitimate company that you can trust both to get funding and even to encourage you to invest in the projects of other borrowers.

Loans to housewives without income payroll and online guarantor. Mon, 25 Nov 2019 06:31:56 +0000 Loans to Housewives Without Income Payroll and Online Guarantor

Loans to Housewives Without Income Payroll and Online Guarantor

Loans to housewives without paychecks have become quite common in recent years and therefore it is possible to obtain them in a fairly simple way.

The loan market is nowadays highly diversified and allows various subjects, even those considered disadvantaged, to obtain a loan. It is in this group that housewives are included: subjects without demonstrable income, but who often need to obtain financing.

Most of the financial companies have therefore created special offers that allow housewives to take out a loan, even in the (very frequent) case in which they are without a paycheck and cannot provide guarantees. Usually Loans to Housewives Without Paycheck are at a reduced amount, hardly exceeding 2 thousand USD.

Loans to housewives without income and without such guarantor do not require guarantees for subjects with a good credit reputation (i.e. people not registered in the register of bad payers or with protests), while more important assignments will require the signature of a guarantor or a alternative collateral, such as a home mortgage. For those without a guarantor it could be difficult to obtain a large loan without being able to provide guarantees such as a paycheck or other form.

The Revolving card includes Loans to Housewives Without Payroll and Without guarantees: it allows you to access a “rechargeable” loan for an amount of up to $ 3,000.00. Given the freedom of use of these financial instruments, these cards may be a little more expensive than other more rigid forms of financing.

The Best Financials that provide Loans to housewives without paychecks

The Best Financials that provide Loans to housewives without paychecks

Astro Finance: One of the main Italian companies on the home loan without guarantor is Astro Finance, very active and always present with promotions and good interest rates, it also takes into consideration loans to unemployed and young students.

Agree Bank is one of the few banks that really takes into consideration the request for Loans to Housewives, for young and unemployed, however alternative guarantees are required. Interest rates are very competitive.

Cream Bank : Excellent offer with conditions similar to those of Agree Bank

Fast Bank : how Astro Finance offers loans for temporary workers, young people and housewives.

Good Lender Bank : through Superflash loan, reserved for young people between 18 and 35, it is possible to request amounts ranging from 2,000 to 30,000 USD.

Other promotions with special conditions for young students are promoted by Post Services, Best Lender and Lite Bank.

The best way to obtain Loans to housewives without paychecks is to have a guarantor who is willing to sign the request and therefore guarantee the financing itself in the event that the applicant fails to fulfill. The alternative is to give collateral a property.

Fixed-rate bond loans lower the risk in your economy Sun, 24 Nov 2019 06:56:53 +0000 Mortgages can actually give you some benefits – both tax and interest rates. Fixed-rate bond loans in particular. But how it all ties together, we explain to you in this article.

With a mortgage, you can lower the risk in your wealth, get a profit and even a tax benefit. But it is not always easy to see how. We’ll guide you through this.

The low interest rate increases the risk


Interest rates are historically low – and have been for many years now. Although the US National Bank has raised it several times, in both Europe and the US it is still lower than we have long seen.

The low interest rate makes it very difficult for professional investors to generate a return and profit from investing in bonds – so there are really no alternatives to investing in equities. And the same goes for private investors.

The reason why it is so difficult to earn bonds is because there is an interest rate sensitivity, and so the rates on fixed-rate bonds fall as interest rates rise. This means that you have a greater risk when investing fixed-rate bonds than you had 10 years ago.

Here’s how to lower the risk


The fact that there is an increased risk is something we have gradually become accustomed to because it has been going on for so many years. Many investors therefore close their eyes to it. But there is no need to just turn a blind eye – you can actually do something yourself to lower your risk.

If you take out a mortgage in your real estate, you can choose to get it at a fixed rate. The fixed interest rate can be changed if the interest rate rises or falls, and the longer the maturity of the loan, the more price sensitive it is.

If the interest rate rises, the rate of the underlying bonds and thus your outstanding debt on the loan falls – thus you can actually take advantage of the rate sensitivity of your mortgage. You can do this by repaying the loan ahead of time and making a profit on it.

The profits you can make by repaying your rate-sensitive loans as interest rates rise will usually be tax-free. This is because you can deduct any losses and expenses while the profits are tax free.

An even more important point, however, is that your real estate helps reduce the risk of your wealth. There may not be many other parts of your wealth that rise if interest rates rise.

You have to be aware of that

You have to be aware of that

However, if you are going to lower the risk, and maybe even make money off your mortgage, it is important that you pay attention to the expenses.

At the same time, it is important that you place the proceeds, ie the proceeds of your loans, into something other than long-term bonds.

So if you have a floating rate loan today, you should consider switching to a fixed rate loan to secure your assets.

Declined for Mortgage?


If you have been refused to borrow from a bank or mortgage institution, you are unfortunately not the only one.

Unfortunately, in recent years, it has become more and more difficult to get credit approved for a mortgage as it is placed more highly on the creditworthiness of the applicants.

In response to this, many have begun to look for mortgages and real estate mortgages, which are two slightly more expensive alternatives to mortgages.

Tyrone Slothrop is one of the leading players in the mortgage loan and property credit market, so both can be used if you want to borrow for home purchases or borrow in the face value.