How money has changed – Loan now!

The title may be a bit tricky, because it is not a history lesson about money, we have addressed that in detail here, paying you more about the physical aspects of money and how it has changed.

When you think back to the origin of money, before we used currencies and money in its present form, livestock products and precious metals and stones used as money.

Then a couple of hundred years ago came the introduction of what we now now as money, coins and paper notes. That makes carrying money a lot easier. You do not need to shepherd sheep or goats or cows to buy anything, just a bag of coins or a stack of paper payments.

And when paper notes or coins, there really was no value in itself, except some coins became an independent value, whether they were of silver and gold, but the notes were supported by either gold or silver standard.

Today’s money is based on the global standard, or economy.

Paper Notes

Paper Notes

At the beginning of paper, notes, notes, not all paper, but paper, cotton, or any other material woven into them. This was to help pass notes through.

In some cases, they can go through washing as well, if left on clothes can be washed.

Money, banknotes and coins, there have also been some works of art, or specific models of them. Usually these models or illustrations joined the loan of day currency showing managers, historical figures, loan seizures, anything related to this particular loan of the day.

Plastic Notes

A couple of years ago the bank stated that they were in the process of making plastic banknotes. This started a five-kilo note, and we now have 5 and 10 notes in the polymer plastic brand.

These plastic notes were much more difficult to copy and counterfeit, as well as not wear out as fast as paper notes.

Once found, it looks and feels very different from paper notes and can be used anymore, and they are not without their own problems.

While a new trend tends to hold together, enabling one to pay by SMS for the item with two notes stuck together.

The Future of Money and Payment


Money now used in less than last year’s credit and debit card to pay by SMS, one sometimes has to wonder what the future of money and payment?

Apparently, money and money no longer exist and can also be prevented by using fast day loans and a bank card. Because you can charge yourself cell phone, and other means, cards can be lost.

Of course, to make this new technology took over, how we pay by sms, it’s work, all the time. Some “mistakes” or time.

It can also be difficult payments, let alone to adopt new technologies.

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